MAZE Relaunches “Name and Shame” Website, Continues Dumping Data from Reluctant Victims

Sarah Coble reports:

A threat group has once again taken to the internet to publish data stolen from alleged victims who refuse to cooperate with its ransom demands.

In December 2019, the MAZE ransomware group published online a portion of the 120 GB of data they claimed to have stolen from Southwire, North America’s most prominent wire and cable manufacturer, after the company refused to pay a $6m ransom.

Read more on Info-Security Magazine.  As Bleeping Computer reported yesterday, yesterday, the Maze operators released an additional 14.1GB of stolen files that they claim belong to Southwire on a Russian hacking forum. See Bleeping Computer for more details on the attackers’ strategy and plans. tried to reach out to Maze to ask them a question, but their message system on their new host didn’t seem to work properly for me.

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