Jul 232014

The Maricopa Administration is accusing me of not doing a job that wasn’t mine to do, being responsible for systems that I wasn’t responsible for, knowing about a security document that was never shared with me, not communicating upwards when I repeatedly did so, not protecting Maricopa data when the data that was stolen was not my responsibility to protect, being the database administrator for databases I had no control over, being responsible for compromised systems that were not under my supervision, performing below standards when my supervisor evaluations pointed to the contrary, not doing enough during an incident in 2011 when I was onsite, working with my staff and others to help Maricopa address a small security breach. Why is the Administration turning a blind eye on all these facts? Why did the hearing committee ignore all these when making their recommendation?
— Miguel Corzo, appealing to the Governing Board of MCCCD

Well, I expected this, but am still sad to hear that MCCCD fired an employee who maintains his lack of responsibility for the security failures at Maricopa County Community College District that resulted in the theft of 2.5 million people’s personal and/or financial information. Jared Dillingham reports:

Read more on AZFamily.com.

Why did the board – with the exception of one board member – deny him the chance to plead his case?

This case is not over. In a statement to DataBreaches.net, Corzo writes:

I am more than ever determined to see this through. I expected this outcome so I am not surprised. It is now time to bring the Federal Government or higher public body into the picture.

Here is the text of Corzo’s statement to the governing board last night (pdf).

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