MD bank dumps identities into trash

It’s a local bank you trust with your money and your personal information. But the M&T branch in Rodgers Forge didn’t shelter all of some peoples’ secrets. As ABC2 News Investigator Joce Sterman discovered, some of the documents that contain them didn’t get shredded, they got dumped.


What the bank did was dump the Watts’ documents and dozens of others without shredding them. We found them in a bright red dumpster in Rodgers Forge, outside the M&T that recently took over Bradford Bank. We sifted through the trash to find stacks of cancelled checks written just days ago. We also found page after page of papers that list not only who banks here but their account numbers and how much dough they have.

Jana Lovell’s information was among the pile. We found a letter she wrote describing how someone had used her ATM card to steal hundreds of dollars over the summer. The bank threw it in the trash along with her account number, her statements and even a copy of her driver’s license. Lovell’s mother, Yvonne, was surprised. She says, “I don’t understand. They have shredders. I just don’t know what to say.”

Read more on ABC News. The bank is replacing account numbers for 52 individuals.

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