MD: Groove threat actors claim to have hit Robinwood Orthopaedic

Robinwood Orthopaedic Specialty Center in Maryland is a division of the Centers for Advanced Orthopaedics. They have three locations in Frederick and Hagerstown.

On some date as yet unknown to, they were allegedly hit by a cyberattack. Their name and screencaps of purported files were added to Groove’s leaks site on September 13.

Groove Listing
Image: A translation indicates that Groove claims to have 25,000 “customer cards.”

Robinwood has not responded to any of multiple inquiries sent to it since September 13.  Nor have they posted anything on their web site.

The screencaps posted by Groove might be recognizable to Robinwood or named individuals, but there is nothing in the screencaps to prove that the files actually came from Robinwood — not even a single file on letterhead or anything with their name. The filenames certainly look like they relate to medical files or EMR records, but where is the proof that they are from Robinwood?


This post will be updated if Robinwood responds to inquiries or more information becomes available. For now, however, is treating this as unconfirmed.

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