MD: Patient records stolen

Liz Holland of The Daily Times reports that up to 100,000 patients of Peninsula Orthopaedic Associates are being notified that their personal information has been stolen:

The records from Peninsula Orthopaedic — which has offices in Salisbury and Berlin — were stolen March 25 while in transport to an off-site storage facility, Mathias said in the letter.

“While this information was stored in a proprietary database format and would not be readily accessible to the average person without specialized equipment or software, it is capable of being accessed by a third party,” Mathias wrote.

Patients’ personal information including their Social Security numbers, employers and health insurance plan numbers may have been among the information stolen.

Peninsula Orthopaedic Associates has posted a notice on its web site saying, “Patient Notice: On 4/6/09, we mailed notice to our patients of a theft of data that included personal information. This was a bona fide notice and not a hoax. If you have received one of these letters and have questions, you can call us at 1-877-860-1892. ”

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