Meacham Tool & Hardware hacked, personal order details leaked

meacham-tool-hardware-inc A tool and gun shop that goes by the name Meacham Tool & Hardware Co (,  has been hacked and some of its customer information leaked. The attack appears to of happened around the 25th by hacker @SikNESS_AXiOM who announced it on twitter and posted it to pastebin but it has since been removed. > Meacham Tool & Hardware Co. Inc #Data #Leak by me. #Hacked — Ben Axiom (@SikNESS_AXiOM) January 26, 2013

The leaked information contained full personal credentials related to ordering items from the company’s online store. the types of details can be found below. Only 60 accounts were leaked with 20 of them being duplicated. Source: Full table list: – id

  • first_name
  • last_name
  • email
  • phone
  • address
  • city
  • state
  • zip
  • country
  • ship_first_name
  • ship_last_name
  • ship_address
  • ship_city
  • ship_state
  • ship_zip
  • ship_country
  • shipping
  • tax_amount
  • subtotal
  • total_with_tax
  • amount_charged
  • cc_response_text
  • cc_result
  • cc_trans_id
  • order_date
  • issuer

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