Media Prima Locked Out By Ransomware – 1,000 Bitcoins In Ransom Demanded: Report

Vijandren reports:

Reports are emerging today that Media Prima Berhad, a public-listed Media powerhouse in Malaysia has had its systems locked out by a ransomware attack.

The report, quoting an inside source by the Edge Financial Daily claims that “the whole Media Prima group’s computer systems have been breached and infected with a ransomware over the last four days.” The report did not state the type of ransomware involved.

The report further states that the attackers have demanded 1,000 bitcoins (equivalent to around RM27.04 million or US$6.45 million) to release the affected systems.

Read more on  The breach was first alleged on November 13, at which time Prime Media reportedly declined to respond to questions asking them to confirm  or deny the attack and ransom demand.

As of today’s date, there is no statement at all on MPB’s web site about the alleged attack and there Twitter account has been silent since November 8. There was no immediate response to a question tweeted to them asking if there’s been any statement.


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