Medical Debt Collection Firm R1 RCM Hit in Ransomware Attack

Brian Krebs reports:

R1 RCM Inc. [NASDAQ:RCM], one of the nation’s largest medical debt collection companies, has been hit in a ransomware attack.

Formerly known as Accretive Health Inc., Chicago-based R1 RCM brought in revenues of $1.18 billion in 2019. The company has more than 19,000 employees and contracts with at least 750 healthcare organizations nationwide.


Remember that last year, the hack involving American Medical Collection Agency drove it into bankruptcy, with large labs like LabCorp and Quest having millions of their patients affected.  Perhaps the threat actors involved in this one thought it might be a good time to threaten another collection agency with the same devastating outcome?

Back in 2012-2013 Accretive Health went through a state investigation and then a federal one concerning collection practices and patient data privacy violations. The consent decree they signed in 2013 with the FTC involved a 20-year monitoring plan.


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