Medical practice turns away patients due to Allscripts incident

You read press releases and sometimes, you wonder whether the entity is downplaying the impact.

Anyway, I had been semi-following the reporting on the Allscripts ransomware attack and was almost believing that this was limited impact. Almost. Until I read Mike Brookbank’s reporting. It begins:

It is some of the most intimate information about ourselves. Right now, one of the companies in charge of keeping it safe and confidential is scrambling to recover from a cyber-attack.

The medical records of more than 7 million Americans were held hostage by ransomware.

The high-tech crime is forcing doctors to temporarily shutter their offices.

Thousands of patients in Northeast Ohio are being turned away.

Doctors we caught up with at Pulmonary Physicians in Canton tell News 5 they have no choice.

They cannot access vital information to properly care for their patients, so for now, they are canceling appointments.

Read more  on News5.

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