Medical Records Found In Dumpster

A 2 Wants to Know investigation found social security numbers, copies of driver’s licenses, and sensitive information federal laws are supposed to protect, all unshredded in a dumpster behind a building.

Gary Mcadoo …. came to the station to get help with all the files he found in the dumpster. He told us there were hundreds more and brought us to a dumpster behind a building at E. Cone and Summit. He then when into the dumpster and pulled out the medical records by the stack full.

Hundreds of records containing personal information everything and more a crook would need to steal your identity. The records in question came from Battleground Urgent Care which is now Prompt Med.


Actually, we counted. It totals up to 623. We collected all the records and took them back to the medical practice to get answers on how they ended up tossed aside over five miles away.

When News 2’s Ashley Smith asked if the records were from the facility, the President of Prompt Med, Thomas Monaghan, said, “Absolutely, they’re ours there’s no denying that.”

“We hired a company to transfer the records from one warehouse to another and looks like a couple of these boxes were put in a dumpster, other than that, I have no comment,” explained Monaghan.

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