Medical Records Left Behind From Shuttered Chatham Medical Facility After It Lost State Health Department License And Medicare Certification

Dana Kozlov reports on tremendous amount of paper medical records left behind behind the now-shuttered former Medical Professional Home Healthcare Center in Chatham.

Read more on CBS and their follow-up here. 

So okay, folks, you really need to at least look at the pictures in those stories. It’s *disgusting* what has happened to patients’ records.

As you read the coverage, you’ll learn that the owner of the center, Carmen Dooley, had lost their state health department license in 2017 for failure to file the renewal papers. As a result, facility was also decertified by Medicare in 2017, and seems to have been shuttered then. But papers were left on-site it seems.  Until something happened now.

This is one of those cases where both the state and HHS/OCR should investigate and take enforcement action.

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