Medical records mishap sends confidential information to Westerville woman

Terri Sullivan reports:

Elizabeth Spilker might know more about you than you think. For about a year now, a local hospital has been faxing other people’s personal medical records to her home.

“We have been getting regular faxes over the last year or so from Grant Medical Center, with people’s personal information attached,” said Spilker.

Asked what kind of information she was getting, Spilker replied “Name, weight, age, medical problem, history, list of medications. Pretty much anything you’d want to know.”

Read more on ABC6.

OhioHealth’s statement to ABC makes it sound like it was just one patient who was affected. But if the person has been getting “regular faxes” for more than one year, wouldn’t the recipient know if it was just about one patient or many patients? And why didn’t the center deal with this when Spilker called them?

It wouldn’t be a bad thing for OCR to fine an entity for this kind of slop – failing to fix a problem after being notified.

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