Medical Secrets: An NBC 24 Exclusive

Aaron Brilbeck of NBC24 reports:

Every four seconds, someone’s identity is stolen in America. Most of us go to great lengths to protest our identities, often shredding personal documents at home.

And medical professionals are required to do the same. But we found out, many aren’t. NBC 24’s Aaron Brilbeck went dumpster diving in the trash behind several randomly chosen dental offices. And what he found was shocking.

Standing knee deep in trash, Brilbeck reads from one of dozens of documents found in the trash. “Patients first and last name. Home address. Social security number. We know that she’s employed by ford motor company. We know what types of care she received. That she paid 173-dollars for that care.” Brilbeck says. Pat Antonelli of Toledo is one of the patients who’s private information we found in her dentists trash. “I’m just–I’m shocked.”, Antonelli says, “You know, you hear about this on the news and you never think it can happen to you. And I just don’t know what to say. I’m mortified that this could happen”.

But it did happen–because Antonelli’s dentist carelessly–and illegally– threw away dozens of pages of private information. He didn’t want to talk to us. But the head of the Toledo Dental Society, Doctor Brett Pelok, did. We found private information–including names and social security numbers in his dumpster too.


Full story – NBC24

Thanks to Linda Foley of the Identity Theft Resource Center for sending us this link.

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