Medusa ransomware group starts leaking data from Crown Princess Mary Cancer Centre; threatens to leak more

Ellen Whinnet reports:

A ransomware gang is claiming to have breached a Sydney cancer hospital, and is threatening to release data unless payment is made.

NSW Health confirmed it was aware of the threats made against the Crown Princess Mary Cancer Centre at Westmead Hospital, and was investigating.

The global ransomware gang Medusa posted on the dark web that it had breached the cancer centre, and set a seven-day countdown clock, appearing to indicate it had set a deadline for a ransom demand to be met.

Read more at The Australian.

Listing on Medusa blog shows countdown clock and fees to delay the leak by one day (10000$), delete all data (100000$), or download all data (100000$)
Listing for The Crown Princess Mary Cancer Centre as it appears on Medusa Blog, May 4, 2023. Image:

From the proof pack provided by the attackers on their leak site, there really can be little doubt that they accessed the hospital’s system. There is a file tree that lists more than 10,000 files on the system, and an archive with images of specific files, many revealing medical information on named gynecological oncology patients of Professor Felix Chan.

The listing, shown above, indicates that the price to delete all the data is 100000$.  If one clicks on the link, a popup directs the individual to send 100000$ USD  (currently converts to $148,141.00 AUD) to a bitcoin address that is provided.


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