MeetMe’s notification to California Attorney General’s Office


NEW HOPE, Pa., August 15, 2014 — MeetMe, Inc. today announced that it has recently discovered a security breach within its network that compromised certain information in at least some MeetMe user accounts. Specifically, between August 5 and 7 of this year, MeetMe believes that hackers gained access to some user names, email addresses, and encrypted passwords. For a period of time, the hackers may have been able to access the affected MeetMe accounts, but there is no evidence that they did so and they can no longer do so.

MeetMe has contacted its users regarding the incident by email and by site posting. MeetMe recommended to its users that they change their passwords and, if they used their MeetMe passwords for other purposes, to change them there as well.

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Press contact:
Aaron Curtiss
[email protected]
Source: MeetMe, Inc.

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