Melbourne firm denies data stolen during ransomware attack

Sam Varghese reports:

A Melbourne firm which suffered a hit from cyber criminals using the Windows REvil ransomware has denied that any data was exfiltrated from its site, as was reported in these columns.

A spokesperson from Nexia Australia and New Zealand, a network of solutions-focused accountancy and consultancy firms, said the attack had taken place on 3 November and had been acted upon immediately.

An external IT consultant, Systima, was called in to deal with the incident and the spokesperson claimed that a report from the firm and a report from the Vocus exchange dated 11 November showed that no data had been exfiltrated.

Read more on iTwire. It sounds like the firm condemned the news outlet for its story on November 10, but as the news outlet points out, they reached out to Nexia on November 7 to request a response and got none by publication time on November 10.


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