Member of TheDarkOverlord arrested — reports

There are reports in the news this morning that a member of TheDarkOverlord has been arrested by Serbian police. These are translations via Google, and I do not see any report yet naming the arrestee or a photo, but…

Serbian police arrested SS (1980) from Belgrade suspected of being one of the hackers from the group “The Dark Overlord”. The group is suspected of stealing personal information from US citizens and then blackmailing them.


Another source (translation):

Members of the MUP have identified and detained SS (38) from Belgrade, suspected of being one of the members of the hacking group “The Dark Overlord”.

The search of the apartment and other premises suspected to use has been found and seized digital equipment.


Note:  The European convention is to provide initials and age, so the arrestee in this case is S.S., born in 1980 (age 38).



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