Memorial for Vitali Kremez

As most people know by now, the cybersecurity community recently lost one of its brightest lights when Vitali Kremez died in a diving accident.

Vitali and his wife Natalia were expecting their first child in a few months from now. His mother, Irina, was here in the U.S. on a visit at the time of his death. It is hard to imagine the grief and loss both Vitali’s mother and wife must be coping with right now.

A GoFundMe has been started by some of Vitali’s friends to help Natalia through this difficult time. As they write:

Vitali was a great friend, a kind soul, a soon-to-be father, and an asset to cyber defenders worldwide. He made the world a better place, and his death leaves a massive hole in our hearts.

It is hard to even paste those words without crying.  I didn’t know Vitali as well as many others, but he really was always kind and helpful when we would talk about cases or threat actors.

Mathew J. Schwartz has a biography on Vitali published shortly after Vitali’s death.

Please: if you can, go to the gofundme page, make a donation to help Natalia and their unborn child, and leave a note for the family.

Update: It is only 3 hours since the gofundme went live, and the modest goal has already been surpassed thanks to the generosity of people who are showing their love and appreciation for Vitali by trying to provide for his wife and soon-to-be-born child.  The goal was raised as a result. Keep it going….  be part of the effort to pay tribute to him this way.

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