UK: Memory stick with personal information about children goes missing

East Lothian Council has issued an unreserved apology after a security lapse in which an employee lost a memory stick which contained personal details of young children attending schools in the Dunbar area.

The council has informed parents of primary school children in Dunbar and district that a copy of electronic records it holds containing some information about pupils was lost last week.

A council statement said that “in breach of council policy, an employee downloaded the records on to a private memory stick for the purpose of working from home and later told the council that the stick had been lost. It is still missing despite every effort to find it.”


“The information stored on the memory stick included your child’s name, school and class, emergency contact details, after-school clubs attended and possibly some medical information that you have provided. The file on the memory stick was password protected, and therefore I believe that the risk of this information being accessed is minimal.

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