Memphis man accused of using stolen patient identity information to defraud banks of $1.6 million

Fox13 reports that Jeremy Jones of Memphis was indicated in federal court for his role in a bank fraud scheme that involved more than $1.6 million.

The affidavit of complaint against Jeremy Jones said he started stealing identities of patients of Memphis Neurology back in 2011, and he used those identities to bilk various banks of $1,660,587.30.

“We were informed by the authorities that there had been an arrest made in an ongoing case of identity theft which our practice was a victim of back in 2012,” Ann McFall, office manager for Memphis Neurology, told FOX13.

McFall said 146 of their patients and employees had been victimized in this scheme, but no medical records were involved.

Read more on Fox13. According to the press release from the DOJ, Jones also allegedly stole identity information from car dealers and personal acquaintances.

It sounds like the medical practice had no idea what their employee was doing/had done until law enforcement contacted them.  There is no statement on the group’s web site as of the time of this posting.

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