‘Mera Aadhaar Meri Pehchan Filetype pdf’ Scare! UIDAI Warns, Precautions Must While Sharing Aadhaar Number Online

The media in India seem to have fueled anxiety over Aadhaar security when the problem wasn’t with the security of the Aadhaar database itself. Stories sounding alarms about how Aadhaar data are easily found on third party sites are only confusing a lot of people, it seems. Yes, the data should not be exposed like that, but it doesn’t mean it’s a breach of the Aadhaar system itself, although it may indicate that the government could do more to monitor and enforce security for Aadhaar data. Latestly reports:

New Delhi, March 17: The UIDAI today asked people to take “due precautions” while sharing their personal information such as Aadhaar on the internet for availing any service. Playing down reports of Aadhaar pdf being allegedly available through Google search query of Mera Aadhaar, Meri Pehchan Filetype pdf, UIDAI claimed that the issue had “nothing to do with the security of Aadhaar and its database”.

“People share their personal information, including Aadhaar on internet, to some or other service provider or vendor to get the services and when they put their details on internet they should take due precautions as required in any digital activities,” Unique Identification Authority of India (UIDAI) said in a statement. Asserting the robustness of the Aadhaar identity system, the nodal body, which issues the 12 digit biometric identifier, said that “publication or posting of Aadhaar cards by some unscrupulous people have absolutely no bearing on UIDAI and not the least on Aadhaar security”.

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