Mercy Health says nurse was fired for violating privacy of multiple patients not for talking to the media

13ABC reports:

Mercy Health is responding to claims made by a fired RN that his termination was retaliation from the hospital after he raised safety concerns with local media.

The dispute between a fired Hackley Hospital RN, the Michigan Nurses Association and Mercy Health continues to unfold with the latest response coming from the hospital. Mercy Health says former nurse Justin Howe was fired after violating the privacy of multiple patients.

Read more on 13ABC. reached out yesterday to the Michigan Nurses Association to ask what type of access monitoring software the story was referring to and whether Howe and another employee were allegedly snooping in the files of people they knew or if they were allegedly snooping in the files of people thought to have COVID-19 or what.  No response to inquiries has been received as of publication time.

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