Message to Danny Ayalon from 0xOmar

0xOmar, if you don’t know the name by now you have been living under a rock, he has recently also sent out a message to Deputy Minister of Foreign Affairs for Israel, Danny Ayalon in response to the message Mr Ayalon sent out to the Israeli hackers who have been attacking other country’s in relation to 0xOmars claimed attacks. The message which goes on to claim that the Israeli hackers have so far failed to obtain any working credit card or personal details and tells Danny to go "STFO" . In a very disturbing part of the message he makes claims that "You are nothing. Israel should be eradicated as it contains people who knows nothing except driving cars over innocent children.".

My message to Danny Ayalon who said to Israeli stupid hackers to stop hacking, you don’t need to send messages to hackers. Just STFO. Israeli hackers never hacked a single! SINGLE working credit card from Saudi people. You cannot do anything. You are nothing. Israel should be eradicated as it contains people who knows nothing except driving cars over innocent children. Dear stupid Danny and Mossad employee who get monthly and have no output, your 2 weeks of deadline is finishing, so where are you? I’m still here sending messages to the world I invite all hackers to join this movement! I ask Turkish hackers to join anti-Israel movement! I invite arab hackers to join this movement! This is the beginning of cyber war against Israel, you are not safe any more. We’ll hack Israeli servers for different purposes like leaking Israeli data, sensitive and hidden information extraction and defacing web sites. From now, I’ll publish fresh working 200 Israeli cards per day, if some one try to make me more angry from Israel, I’ll increase the number of leaks per day. I’ll not publish all cards at once, because it will be easy to block them all at once for Israel. From here, I invite all Muslim hackers to join this movement. I invite Turkish hackers to take revenge of flotilla raid. I intive all Arab hackers to fight for their Arab brothers in Palestine. Let’s gather together and join this anti-Israeli hacking movement. Let’s hack Israeli shopping websites and publishing customer data online. Let’s hack Israeli military websites and publish their sensitive and hidden information. Let’s hack Israeli military contractors and publish their projects details. Let’s make cyber world dangerous for Israel. Let Israel suffer from our attacks. Let’s make them cry like they made Palestinian children cry. Let’s help to make Palestine free, let’s end Israeli occupation. From here, I send my thanks to Gaza hackers who have successfully hacked stupid Danny Ayalon website. I call all muslim hackers to do same as Gaza hackers. This will make Palestinian people to have good feelings. It will make Palestinian children happy to see some hackers fights for them. It will make Palestinian people to know they are not forgotten. Today’s war is not with missiles, like what Israeli animals do. Let’s teach them that todays war is in cyber world. Let’s conqurer this world. Israel was always weak, they are weaker than what you think. They cannot even find a hacker who’s making a headache for them daily. They cannot even protect their prime ministers website secure. Their best hackers was able to publish only 200 Saudi cards with wrong names, expired date, without CVV cards. They are nothing, they know nothing about cyber world. Let’s teach them what is cyber world. Let’s destroy Israel in cyber world, it will come to real world also. Winning in cyber world will end them in real world too. So what are you waiting for? Why you are not fighting for Palestinian children? Why you are not fighting for children who got hit by Israeli car? Some people ask, what’s your problem with Israeli people? This is my problem with Israeli people, if they get a car and see some Palestinian children in front of them, without doubt they’ll hit Palestinian children. All of them is same. From e-mails I receive daily, I see how Israeli people suffer. How Israeli people cries and beg me to stop my heavy attack. I see their best hackers, how they cry and ask for stop. I’ll be nightmare of Israel. All muslim hackers also. From here, I re-shout to Israeli authorities and Israeli people. Your days are counted, let’s count backward. My message to Mossad again, your two weeks deadline is counting. If you fail to find me, you’ll be defeated again! My message to stupid Israeli hacker who tries to do what ever I do, but fails. First of all you cannot even publish working single Saudi card. You cannot hack my country web servers. When you say anything I say, like "find me" messages, why someone should be looking for you? What you did? What you can do? What’s your danger? Do something important and then start telling what ever I say. Dear Muslim hacker, you can see failure of Israel multiple times in my single attack. Let’s do it together and hit Israel in cyber world with hunderd of hackers. Danny Ayalon, I’m here, waiting for you. Mossad, I’m here, waiting for you. You cannot even find my bots. Any way, Israel should know, they are involved in a big war, cyber-war! Your end is in near future, you have to leave Palestine to their owners. Muslim hackers, let’s do it! To all people who like to use leaked cards before they are getting blocked. Follow us on pastebin using our user, it’s Group-xp-0xOmar. We’ll not publish cards on pastebin anymore, use our 0xomar user in text-upload Israel your days are counted! Free Palestine Free Gaza Eradicate Israel [email protected]

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