Message to Israel from AlienZ about the cyberwar

ET, from AlienZ, the hacker group has sent a message they would like the world to read to help understand the attacks they carry out. Message:

This is ET, from the AlienZ group. The reason we attack innocent sites is so that people will be aware of what the Arab hackers have started- they are hacking any Israeli or pro-Israeli site they can get their hands on. We are not professionals but we do our best to fight back. People say that to fight fire you also need to use fire. I say that to fight fire you need water. In this case it’s fighting the Arabs (who are being morons and attack any site they can find that’s vulnerable), with brains. We would like any pro-Israeli hacker that’s interested to join us, to contact us at [email protected]. We want to make a small group of hackers who will work together and help each other to fight Arabs. If we work together, we will get much more information to publish, and that will have much greater effects. We are AlienZ.

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