Message to United Nations from TeaMp0isoN

In the past few days the United nations have been made to look like fools after their servers were breached and a dump of emails was leaked online by TeaMp0isoN. Since then we have seen media reports from UN saying the breach was on an old server and that it has since been taken offline, that was until yesterday when TeaMp0isoN released another e-mail and bit of information stating that the said server was still online and being used. Today they have released a bit more information to support the claims that the united nations is not telling the truth about the situation. In this release TeaMp0isoN have called for the United Nations to come forward and admit that they lied and that the server was indeed still active. They have stated if they do not do this soon they will " will show the world our self" and also they have given the United Nations 7days to make a choice, "Make your Decision you have until next Friday to make such statement"

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