MeTV Hacked, Affiliates credentials leaked

500px-metv A popular TV broadcasting network MeTV ( has been hacked by a hacker we follow often @DARWINARE who recently has attacked and leaked data from UNSW, and other high profile sites. > Me-TV (stylized as MeTV, and a backronymfor its on-air slogan "Memorable Entertainment Television") is an American broadcasttelevision network owned by Weigel Broadcasting and distributed by Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer[1] that airs classic televisionsitcoms, dramas and classic commercials from the 1950s through the 1980s

The attack has been announced on twitter and the leak was posted to anonpaste. >  Hacked! @EHackerNews@HackRead @Cyber_War_News …

The leaked data contains a heap of MeTV emails only as well as a decent amount of affiliates personal information such as usernames, real names, address, phones, companys, emails and unencrypted passwords. All together there is just over 5,000 emails total but only 1509 have other related account information and 11 of them are duplicates.

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