MI: Big changes for medical marijuana users

According to a Michigan federal court judge on Friday, medical marijuana patients have no right to privacy.

Federal Judge Hugh Brenneman Jr. ruled that Michigan medical marijuana patients have no right to privacy when it comes to a federal investigation involving marijuana. In short, medical marijuana patients should not expect the information they give to the state to receive a registration card will be kept from federal investigators.

This ruling comes despite a provision in the state’s Medical Marijuana Act which promises patients their information will be kept private.

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  1. Anonymous - June 6, 2011

    Thanks. Nice job. I didn’t know that had happened. I wonder if Michigan’s (or any state’s) laws can be considered a contract between the people and their government. If so, it might be possible to follow Robert Moses’ lead in New York in the 30’s and use a Constitutional defense based on the inviolability of contracts. Surely, the feds would then have to prove a threat so dangerous within those patient’s records that even a contract between the state and its people binding the state to secrecy should be dissolved.

    Wishful thinking, I guess.

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