MI: Dental patients' information stolen, misused after employee invites some friends to the office after hours

Steve VanBergen reports:

A full prescription fraud investigation is taking shape after a dentist office employee invited people to the office after hours, resulting in stolen information. Police say patients’ credit card information may also be compromised.

The incident happened on Tuesday at a dental office in Antwerp Township, according to the Van Buren County Sheriff’s Office. A female employee had stayed after work and invited friends over. Several items were stolen, including credit cards, blank checks, and shoes — but suspects also took a prescription pad and the doctor’s signature stamp.

Read more on Fox17. The dental office has not been named as yet.

Now that will likely be a difficult breach notification letter to write to patients. Hopefully it will also include advice on making sure medical/pharmacy records are corrected so that patients whose information was stolen and/or misused don’t suffer any problems at some future date from misinformation in their records.

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