MI: Hurley Medical Center e-mail error discloses some employee and retiree Social Security numbers

Amanda Emery reports:

Hurley Medical Center inadvertently released the names and social security numbers of an undisclosed number of employees and retirees while trying to fix issues with its health care plan.

According to a news release from Hurley Medical Center, the hospital recently discovered that an email attachment sent to a “limited number of employees” contained the names and Social Security numbers for an unspecified number of employees and retirees who are enrolled in the Hurley group health plan. Hurley officials said there is no evidence at this time the information has been misused, but arrangements have been made for identity resolution services through First Watch Technologies for those affected.

Read more on MLive.com. I do not see this incident on HHS’s public breach tool yet, but since the incident occurred on May 13 and was discovered on May 14, its absence from the breach tool is not surprising.

In July 2011, the medical center reported that almost 2,000 patients  had protected health information on a missing laptop.  I do not see that incident on HHS’s breach tool, which is a bit more puzzling.

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