MI: LCC Customers At Risk After Security Breach (updated)

A small news item seen on WILX (typos in the original):

A heads-up for LCC dental and vision plan customers—- check your bank records— there’s a possibility hackers may have your personal information.

The possibility security breach with Assurecar  Risk Management also affects former participants and family members who were on the plan.

Hackers were not able to successfully get into the database twice.

The server didn’t contain any credit card information.

I do not see any notices on either Lansing Community College‘s web site or AssureCare‘s web site at the time of this posting.

Updated: The Lansing State Journal reports:

AssureCare, a former third-party administrator for Lansing Community College’s dental and vision plan, has reported a possible security breach on a server that contained participants’ names, addresses and social security numbers, as well as other information.

According to a statement released by LCC, the college has notified current and former employees of the situation, advising them to monitor their financial and health records for anomalies.

A follow-up investigation by AssureCare and an outside forensic security firm found that the amount of information accessed was minimal, the statement said. The server, which was breached in May, did not contain credit card numbers or diagnosis information.

“Former?” Were they “former” at the time of the security breach or did they become “former” as a result of the breach?

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