MI: Resident discovers sensitive personal documents in Wyandotte Recycling Center bin

Jim Kasuba reports:

It’s common knowledge that documents with personal information should be destroyed after no longer needed in order to lessen chances of identity theft. In most cases they’re put through a shredder.

That wasn’t the case recently when a man using the Wyandotte Recycling Center, 1170 Grove, came upon documents that raised all sorts of red flags.

“I just found tons of personal court documents like bankruptcy files, wills and power of attorney papers, along with birth and death certificates,” he said via a Facebook message to a News-Herald reporter on the afternoon of Feb. 21. “It looks like someone emptied all of the files to get recycled and for the public to see. This stuff could cause a lot of trouble in the right hands.”

Read more on the News-Herald. It would be nice if the paper did some investigation and tracked down the source of the discarded documents, as they don’t seem to name them in this report.

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