Miami Street Gangs See No Hope In Dope. They’ve Switched To Identity Fraud Fueled By Russian Hackers

Thomas Brewster reports:

Everybody Eats and its rival, Little Haiti Vulchas, were known as violent drug gangs. Now, as homicides continue to pile up, police say the gangsters have turned their backs on narcotics and are getting most of their revenue from a less risky crime. They’re using data stolen by Russian hackers and peddled on Russian-hosted sites like PlusCC to take control of other people’s bank accounts, sign up for benefits in a someone else’s name, scam government programs like Medicare or the Covid-19 Paycheck Protection Program, buy weapons, rent cars and take vacations in luxury resorts. In South Florida, it’s possible to draw a line from Russian cybercrime to U.S. street gang killings and frauds. It’s costing American businesses, citizens and government agencies hundreds of millions of dollars.

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