Michael Jackson's dad demands medical records

Not for the celebrity aspect, but for the privacy issue:

Michael Jackson’s father, Joseph Jackson aka Joe, has subpoenaed UCLA Medical center for Michael’s medical and other records because he believes the records reveal foul play in his son’s death.

Brian Oxman, Joe’s lawyer, sent 2 subpoenas to UCLA Medical Center, where Michael Jackson was pronounced dead on June 25, 2009. Oxman is demanding medical records, autopsy reports, autopsy photos, medications and prognosis assessments.

Joe claims the entire family is behind the subpoenas. Michael’s estate lawyers however are fighting mad about the subpoenas. Estate lawyer Howard Weitzman says the act is “clearly improper,” as they violate Michael’s right to privacy.

Source: Examiner.com

Is UCLA also fighting the subpoena? So far, I have not gotten a response to an email I sent them inquiring about that.

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