Michigan Abortion Centers Guilty of Violating HIPAA in Dumping Patient Records

Steven Ertelt reports the follow-up to an improper disposal of patient records breach covered previously on this site:

The federal government has found three Michigan abortion businesses guilty of violating the HIPAA statutes as a result of their illegally dumping patient records in trash bins outside their facilities. Local pro-life advocates found the records in the dumpsters at the abortion centers.

The Chicago Office for Civil Rights began an investigation of the WomanCare, Sharpes Family Planning and Women’s Advisory abortion centers after receiving a formal complaint filed by Monica Migliorino Miller, director of Citizens for a Pro-life Society.

In the early months of 2008, members of CPLS conducted searches of the trash dumpsters used by these abortion centers. They repeatedly dumped whole patient records, including intake forms, abortion appointment schedule sheets, recovery room reports, lab reports, insurance forms, photo-copied driver’s licenses, applications for financial aid to off-set the cost of the abortion and other documents that revealed personal health care information.

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