Michigan Cancer Consortium hacked, almost 50,000 notified

No detailed medical records were involved, but the Michigan Department of Community Health is notifying nearly 50,000 affected residents that their PII/PHI may have fallen into the hands of a hacker. CBS Detroit reports the state has sent out letters after computers hosting the Michigan Cancer Consortium website were accessed by hackers.

“They were reports that contained information about individuals such as their names, birth dates and social security numbers. And then it included with that, testing results and testing dates,” Minicuci said. “It did not include any address or identifiable contact information because, again, these are not medical records — they were simply testing reports.”

Names, birth dates and SSN are quite enough for ID theft, so I hope people take precautions. The article does not mention whether the state has offered those affected any free credit monitoring services, and as of the time of this posting, there is no notice on MDCH or MCC’s web sites.

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