Apr 142014

Craig Palmer reports:

The Michigan Dental Association told members in a special alert April 11 that “the MDA has received several calls from member dentists who say that when they submitted their federal taxes this year they learned that their taxes had already been filed, most likely by an identity thief.”

According to Karen Burgess, MDA chief executive officer/executive director, Michigan members are being encouraged to contact the MDA if they suspect identity theft or tax fraud so the association can monitor how many dentists in the state are affected.


The ADA has learned that dentists in several other states have also experienced possible tax identity theft. The Association will update members in ADA media and with other appropriate communications as this story develops.

Read more on the American Dental Association.

The MDA alert was posted here.

  4 Responses to “Michigan Dental Association alerts members to possible tax identity theft”

  1. electronically summited tax return was just rejected…suspect identity theft.

  2. I am a Michigan dentist and I can tell you that hundreds if not thousands of dentists in Michigan had bogus tax returns filed using their social security numbers. This has also occurred in Indiana, Ohio, and Colorado, to name just a few other states. The Dental Societies seem to be downplaying this now trying to say that it’s not just dentists being scammed. I suspect some big dental database got hacked. I’m thinking a dental insurance company, or one of the National Dental Societies. Keep digging! I smell a rat.

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