Microsoft No idea What to Do after breached by Syrian Electronic Army

bduzlhmcyaa-yuk Yesterday the @Official_SEA16 announced a breach on Xboxs twitter account and shortly after started posting from that account. Not to long after they have continued on the breach spree with an attack on the Microsoft official blogs website and twitter accounts. It also appears that now they have also got access to some of the email accounts, which is most probably the way they gained control in the first place in way of some phishing or similar. They have posted a few screen caps of the Microsoft staff who appear to be confused and not really sure what to do, who to contact or what has been actually breached. So considering the staff at Microsoft do not know how to resolve a breach it makes it all clear why windows and other Microsoft products are insecure and will always be insecure. In one of the messages SEA has intercepted from MS staff it states the breach may of been from a backdoor and they are working to fix the problem, how true this is is really anyone’s guess. At time of publishing it appears Microsoft has gained control of the social media accounts and restored the blog but how long this will last is anyone’s guess as to who the next victim of SEA’s breach spree will be.

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