Millions of Fashion Fantasy Game accounts exposed in data breach, responsibility thrown to the wind

Charlie Osborne reports on an all-too-common situation: a site or vendor has a data breach and either doesn’t seem to know, despite repeated attempts to alert them, or doesn’t seem to care. In any event, while the world seems to know about a breach, the responsible firm continues on its way as if there is nothing to respond to.

Fashion Fantasy Game is an online game and social network for fashion lovers. The platform, developed by fashion designer Nancy Ganz, allows users to design and sell virtual fashion items in their own online fashion businesses, manage currency and market them to other virtual retailers.

Over 15,000 people follow the game on Facebook, but the community does not appear to be very active. However, despite this, the information of both past and present users has been exposed in a data breach.

As noted by Troy Hunt, operator of breach notification website Have I Been Pwned, a data breach which at the time of writing appears to have gone unnoticed by Fashion Fantasy Game has resulted in millions of user account credentials being leaked on the web.

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