Millions of S.Korean IDs Leaked to N.Korea

The Chosun Ilbo reports on a major prosecution in South Korea:

The Seoul Central Prosecutors’ Office on Sunday charged two South Koreans with cooperating with North Korean hackers in China to run illegal websites and steal the personal information of millions of individuals.

Investigators discovered the personal data of 140 million South Koreans on their computers and believe they could have shared the information with North Korea.

Among the data some 1000 were found to be obtained from a North Korean agent and a hacker in 2011.

“The data were obtained by hacking into the websites of department stores, gas stations and online shopping malls as well as from illegal dealers,” a prosecution spokesman said. “If this information was passed on to North Korea, the North has a significant amount of personal information about South Korean individuals.”

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For its part, North Korea is having its own problems with hackers. AsiaOne reports:

International hacker activist group Anonymous exposed some 6,000 more alleged members of the North Korean propaganda website Uriminzokkiri on Saturday, calling their action a warning against the Kim Jong-un regime.

An additional 523 e-mail accounts registered with the North Korean website were found to be those provided by South Korean portal sites, other news reports said Sunday.

The information disclosed by the group include the name and ID of the user, as well as their e-mail addresses, phone numbers and dates of birth.


According to Yonhap News, 523 of the 6,216 e-mail accounts used by members of the website disclosed by Anonymous were those provided by local portal sites.

On Thursday, the group made its first announcement that it had obtained information on about 15,000 members of the website as a result of a hacking attack carried out by a group of about 30, which included South Koreans, and released information on 9,001 registered members of the website.

Including those among the 9,001 e-mail addresses, members of Anonymous revealed on Thursday a total of 2,393 of the 15,217 people who joined the Uriminzokkiri website used e-mail accounts provided by South Korean portal sites.

In addition, 111 e-mail accounts provided by South Korean companies, one Seoul National University and one each of the Chosun Ilbo and Dong-A Ilbo accounts were used to join the website.

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