Minnesota: Legislation would open up adoption records

People who were adopted would have access to their original birth certificate under a bill that’s been introduced to the Minnesota legislature. The access would allow people who were adopted to find out the names of their birth parents. The bill is facing opposition by some adoption agencies, because some birth parents may not want contact from their offspring.

Nanci Olesen reports on Minnesota Public Radio:

Gretchen Traylor was adopted when she was a baby. She had a lung disease when she was a child, and when she was an adult she needed a lung transplant. No information was available to her about her birth parents. It took years for her to find out whether her birth parents had similar lung problems. She also learned what medications she had to avoid because of a history of life threatening allergies.

Now Traylor wants other adopted people to be able to find out who their birth parents are, just like she did.

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