More minor SQLi Dumps and leaks

Another hacker has surfaced via pastebin, going by the name of Mr Green and witht he twitter account of @neatstuffs. On the twitter account of Mr Green has a couple of pastes from smaller SQLi hacks and db dumps, they have also stated thats enough they do not want to get "caught". The sites that have been victim this time are, So is this proving that more and more people are coming out to play? or are they just doing it to get a bit of publicity? What about the not wanting to get caught statement? i think its the smartest thing you can do, quit while you’re ahead. content/images/gallery/teampoison/lulz-bus-neatstuffs-on-twitter.png Also as we reported earlier with the lolcats coming out to play article, there has just been another bonus leak from that hacker as well. CatloversUnited Posted that they have a bonus leak since its Friday. the leak comes from content/images/gallery/teampoison/lulz-bus-neatstuffs-on-twitter.png

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