Mischievous techies cause embarrassment to IGIA

Techies outsourced to install Common Use Passengers Processing System at Indira Gandhi International Airport sabotaged the system as salary hike demand was not met by their company; CBI initiates action against group Investigations continue into the cyber attack on the Common Use Passengers Processing System (CUPPS) at the Indira Gandhi International Airport, Delhi, involving city-based techies. The Central Bureau of Investigation has sent some hardware to the Central Forensic Science Lab, Hyderabad to gather digital evidence. A CBI team raided the houses of software engineers in Bangalore and Delhi, who held the IGIA to ransom just to pile on the pressure to back their demand for a salary hike. The CBI has initiated an investigation into the failure of the CUPPS at Delhi’s IGI Airport on June 29, which resulted in major blockade for passengers on the domestic and international flights. The system was installed by GMR group with the assistance of ARINC and Wipro IT companies situated in Bangalore Electronic City. Tracked down Further, investigations led the sleuths to track three techies, including a women software engineer, who were managing the software for the company. Meanwhile Neeraj Sahdev, General Manager and Head – Wipro Airport IT Services in his statement said, "The incident at the Delhi International Airport, Terminal 3 is unfortunate. While Wipro has been associated with DIAL for creating world class infrastructure and passenger support systems, the incident did not involve Wipro." ** Evidence seized** The accused were taken to the IGIA police station last Wednesday and were later released on bail. Their hard discs, mobile phones and other digital devices allegedly used to commit the crime were seized for further investigations. Sources said that the accused, who had installed the CUPPS in the IGIA were demanding a salary hike from the company which outsourced their services. Schedules disturbed When their demand was not met by the management of their company, they hacked into the CUPPS system and managed to block the software, which resulted in major commotion at the airport for few hours. Due to this, over 50 flights were delayed for several hours causing a major embarrassment and loss to the management.

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