Missing Student Records From Chattanooga State

Karen Zatkulak reports:

Nearly two thousand students records from Chattanooga State are missing. Administrators there tell us the company hired to scan the documents, mishandled them. The school says this is not the first time this company hired to protect information did the opposite. They say it’s the same business who dumped medical documents from several local hospitals last year. Now the school is trying to safeguard their students personal information.


That after 1700 student applications are reported missing. The school says it took the records to a company, United Imaging in Walker County, where the papers would be converted to computer discs. Vice President Jeff Olingy says they had used the company for 3 years with no issues, until early last year. “We were contacted by individuals who said there was something awry going on at this scanning site.”

That’s when the school found their records in disarray, and brought them back. The papers included students’ names, social security numbers, addresses, phone numbers, some even contained high school transcripts. Chattanooga State says they went through each one, hand by hand, and found nearly 2000 missing from 2007. “When we looked at it by each item, we realized there were discrepancies and there were missing documents.”

Just last week, the school sent this letter to the students whose files weren’t found.

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It took them about a year to notify students?

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