Missouri Credit Union contacts customers about accidental web exposure of SSN and account information

KDSK reports:

Missouri Attorney General Chris Koster is warning customers of a local credit union to monitor their accounts following an accidental release of personal information earlier this summer.

Koster’s office became aware of the glitch at Missouri Credit Union when a member contacted them. Officials at the credit union told Koster that customer information was only available for a short time and that the company corrected the problem shortly after it was identified.

As required by law, Missouri Credit Union contacted its 39,000 members and former members whose personal information was available online.

Read more on KSDK. Their source seems to be the press release by AG Koster, and the press release does not indicate exactly what types of information were exposed.  I do not find any notice on MCU’s web site at this time, but Ryann Rumbaugh of ConnectMidMissouri.com has the details, thankfully:

On August 5, a file containing member information was inadvertently made available through Missouri Credit Union’s website.

The file contained a list of members’ names, addresses, Social Security numbers, account numbers, and MCU teller/call-in passwords. According to MCU, the file was immediately removed and only ten visits were made to the file’s location during the time it was accessible.

Read more on ConnectMidMissouri.com.

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