Mitsubishi Heavy Industries claims to of been hacked and mass infected

One of japans biggest companies has made a statement that it was hacked at the start of august 2011. Mitsubishi Heavy Industries, who does supplies and engine manufacturing for many different ares and defence contracts as well, with them creating guided missile engines, jet fighter engines and mechanicals, cars and believe it or not they are involved with running nuclear power plants within japan. The hack which has resulted in up to 38 PCs and 45 network computers have been infected with malware, some of which has been taking copies of data which most likely has been sent back to the hackers to sort out. The company has announced it first found out about the hacks on 11th of august and have been doing a full criminal investigation to the breach and insists that no vital defense data has been copied at any stage and there is "no chance" that they could of got that data. The main question everyone wants to know is who is behind these hacks and what is the reason they have targeted these networks and servers? so far this year we have seen a lot of high profile companies and government bodies being hacked, defaced and leaked information. You would surely think that a place like Mitsubishi Heavy Industries would have top of th eline security on the networks to prevent this from happening, clearly not and makes them fall in the boat with all the others who have been hacked and had data taken. More on this as it comes to light.

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