MLB to investigate Shohei Ohtani medical record leak

Ryan Falla reports:

Just days after LA Angels signed Shohei Ohtani we began to see news regarding a surprise revelation; Shohei Ohtani is dealing with a minor UCL sprain.


Reports that the MLB is investigating this matter began with Buster Olney breaking the news on Twitter the morning of December 14th. There’s no reason to assume the leak came from a rival ball-club, but at the same time it’s hard to imagine anyone outside the MLB would leak Ohtani’s medical records.

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There are just so many possibilities here that until the investigation is concluded, it’s hard to know how to code this one at all. Is it an insider at a club? Did a club get hacked? Did someone shoot off their mouth at home about something that should have remained confidential? We’ll have to wait to learn more…..

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