MM: Eleven Media Group hacked; Union of Hacktivists charged

An opinion piece by Nay Htun Naing published on Eleven Media Group’s Daily Eleven web site on June 16 reportedly ticked off some hackers who call themselves “The Hackers Union” (aka “Union of Hacktivists”). So much so, it seems, that they attacked EMG’s site the next day. According to EMG:

The Hackers’ Union Facebook page posted that it was part of a 100-day project to target the EMG for its criticism of the new government’s reforms.

The hackers have written messages in support of the new government on social media.

Credit: EMG
Credit: EMG

The attack reportedly resulted in data loss, interruption of services, and lost advertising revenues.

In response, EMG filed a criminal complaint on June 23. Today, EMG announced that the Hackers Union had been criminally charged under Section 55(d) of Myanmar’s Telecommunications Law. I don’t think that means that any individuals have actually been charged, though, and this may just be a criminal charge if they can figure out who the members of the group are.

A November, 2015 report, Unleashed, from Blink Hacker Group claims:

Evidence suggests that the Union of Hacktivists (UOH) is in fact an undercover organization operating from military premises that has adopted the aesthetics of other hacker groups active in Myanmar to run operations to undermine the work of online media in the country.





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