MN: Burnsville Man Charged with Selling Credit-Card Numbers Online

A Burnsville man is facing charges of credit-card fraud after authorities say he used and shared other people’s credit card numbers in an online chat room.

Joshua Brody Streit, 20, is charged with three felony counts of credit-card fraud, each of which carries a maximum penalty of three years in prison and a $5,000 fine.


Authorities examined the hard drive and found a conversation from Oct. 7, 2009, between Streit and another user who called himself “Slider.” Streit and Slider talked about buying credit-card numbers, and after Streit entered an American Express card number, Slider said, “I don’t exactly want to do any illegal [expletive] man,” and Streit replied, “Your [sic] not I am.”

Following that exchange, Streit entered account numbers, security codes, expiration dates, account holder names, addresses and phone numbers for 44 additional credit cards, including the credit card information about the Texas victim, the complaint says.

During a subsequent investigation, authorities checked 21 of the credit cards and learned that 17 of them had been closed because of fraud that led to several thousand dollars’ worth of losses, according to the complaint.

Read more on Burnsville Patch. The coverage does not indicate how or where Streit obtained the credit card numbers he allegedly sold in the chat room.

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