MN: El Agave Mexican Restaurant hacked; over 200 customers report card fraud

Associated Press reports that there have been over 200 reports of card fraud by customers who used payment cards at a Fairmont, Minnesota restaurant, El Agave Mexican Restaurant. Officials believe a point-of-sale hack took place at the restaurant.

Yesterday, El Agave posted this on their Facebook page:

HELLO!! we wanna thank everyone for the support we’re been having and to inform you that after talking to police they determined (according to the secret service) that everything points at the problem with the credit/debit card started here.. Like we stated we are doing everything we can on our side to solve thismatter, we were on our way to upgrade our POS system just like we recently did in our St Peter location. We like you to know that this far from bringing us down is only gonna make us wanna work harder, because at the end of the day you guys are the ones that keep us here and we will stay as long as you let us. we also can tell you that we feel horrible about it, unfortunately this is happening all over country, we also feel and think we are not the only ones involved in this matter , so we encourage the other local businesses to keep an eye on their systems as well as theircostumers Like we said , we are upgrading to a new POS system so we can look forward to serving you with the peace of mind our enhanced security measures provide, thank you all againand hoping to see yousoon !!

Also yesterday, KEYC reported  that the affected  cardholders had all made purchases dating as far back as November 2013.  


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