MN: Guests’ personal information found next to Motel 6 dumpster

Maybe they should change their advertising to “We’ll leave the light on, and your details outside?”

Tyler Berg reports:

A guest at a St. Paul Motel 6 said she came across boxes full of personal information laying next to a dumpster.

Leyla Dupey said she was walking her dog last week outside the motel when she noticed several boxes stacked next to a dumpster. She said she didn’t even have to reach into the dumpster to grab one of the manila folders inside.

“The doors were actually open and one of the hotel staff had one of those luggage carts and was hauling out more,” Dupey said.

As a guest, Dupey said she was horrified at what she found in the folder. It contained photocopied drivers licenses, phone numbers, license plate numbers and even signatures.

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